Stories of Women Rising to Greatness Despite Their Circumstances

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We’ve always heard stories of the grandmother’s resilience;the stories of walking miles to school, cooking dinner in an outdoor fire space, or making a small amount of currency go a very long way. I have the pleasure to inform you that there are modern-day “sheroes” like that, who are walking amongst us every day—women like you and me who choose each day to rise above our circumstances.
We may have had times when we became entangled under our circumstances. Alternatively, we may have felt the magnificence of standing on a mountaintop that we spent years climbing. We may have also felt the weight of being crushed by our own chaos, or by a dream that didn’t pan out the way we intended. Maybe we are nursing the wound of a love that didn’t manifest the way we imagined, or we are seeing the nightfall once more upon some deep-seated distress.
Some of us may have freshly inherited pain, with no idea of how to combat this soul-shaking violence that crept up in our space and left us with deep silence, or left us emotionally inflamed. We have danced to the best rhythms, and we have fallen hard on the sharpest floor. Whatever our situations and whatever spaces we may have found ourselves jammed in, we are dynamic women.


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One of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as a media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached nearly 80 million people, Lisa Nichols, and one of the world’s best publisher, inspira-tional, insightful, and transformational speaker, Dr. Denise Nicholson, have come together with 19 other dynamic authors to share their Stories of Rising to Greatness Despite Their Circumstances.

The book was compiled to inspire faith, hope and courage in those that are struggling to make sense of life, and to all who feel the pressure of just being alive. So as you read the stories of other sheroes who succeeded against all odds, you too will realize that all the things you are experiencing and all the things you have experienced will work for your good… so don’t be ashamed or afraid to STAND on your story. You have the power to Become Dynamic!

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Meet Our Contributory Authors

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Dr. Denise Nicholson

Speaker, Caoch & Author

Lisa Nichols

Motivational Speaker & CEO

Toni Jones

Affirmation Musician

Terri Wade

Speaker & Founder

Brenda Geary

Motivational Speaker & Coach

Dr. Sue Carter Collins

Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

Garri Davis

Speaker, Coach & Author

Joy LaBelle

Life Coach & Meditation Teacher

Ene Obi

Speaker, Author & Coach

Tanya Sherise Odums

Mentor & Transformation Coach

Dr. Brandy Florence

Life Coach

Jackie Harden

Author, Coach, & Motivational Speaker

Twyla Stubblefield

Personal Coach

Alana Major

Author & Poet, Public Speaker & Motivator

Lilian Okech

Speaker, Entrepreneur, & Author

Anastarcia Palacious

Author, Speaker, & Media Coach.

Darnell Osborne

Director & Founder

Danita Sajous

Coach, Speaker & Facilitator

Margaret Packer

International Speaker & Consultant

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